By madeinthevalley, Feb 20 2017 04:41PM

Wake up sleepyheads! We thought we would celebrate the spring, and the Hebden Annual, by having a day of ACTIVITIES!

We have collected 11 outdoor activities and 8 indoor things-to-do, all from the pages of the Annual. So, if you haven't yet looked for spirits in the woods of Mytholm, drifted through the town looking for treasure, dabbled in MUD, taken a photo of your doggy best friend, or had your photo taken as you would have been 100 years ago come along on April 22, do all those things, and have a Hebdenistic time!

Look out for our folded flier with all the deets, coming soon. All freeeee, but you'll need a ticket for some of the goings on, so keep your eyes peeled.

A good day out, with refreshments and laughing!

By madeinthevalley, Nov 22 2016 04:02PM

One happy customer said "You need to be sitting on the sofa when you read it so you can kick up your heels with delight!" and another declared "This book should be available on prescription!"

So we suggest that you get yours as soon as you can! And it makes a great Christmas present for Hebdenites, past and present.

You can call in at the Egg Factory between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday (we have parking).

Buy online at the shop

Or from one of our partner shops in Hebden.

So we're wishing you happy reading, walking, puzzling, game playing, crafting - all in the book with lots and lots more.....

By guest, May 19 2016 04:26PM

Sue Mellis had an idea... wouldn't it be nice if Hebden Bridge had it's very own Annual, you know like the ones you used to love when you were little.

Sue inspired Lizzie Lockhart to join forces with her as co-commissioning editors and there was 'Lift-Off!'

Sue and Lizzie are working hard to collate, create & commission content to bring their vision for the Annual for the Annual to life.....

What is it for?

A family fun book, formatted like a traditional children's annual but suitable for all ages, that tells the world about Hebden Bridge. 150 high quality pages of facts, stories and pictures to amuse, inspire and explain why it's a great place to live, learn, work and play. A light hearted, future focussed celebration of the town, it's our contribution to keeping our collective chin above water since the Boxing Day floods.

Who is it for?

Parents, offspring, friends, neighbours, visitors, colleagues, customers, HB expats...people you want to impress, send love to and inspire...people like you!

What will be in the Annual?

It will be a "then and now" story, but with the emphasis on the "now" - roughly a 25/75 % split. There will be a similar balance between words and pictures, with the emphasis on the visual, to appeal to a wide readership. The material will be presented in categories, e.g. people, landscape, built environment, leisure, work, food, events and so on. And there will be an abecedary, puzzles, walks, how-tos, recipes, poems - something for everyone.

The Annual will be edited and published from the Egg Factory, a creative coworking space on Victoria Rd, which is run on a not for profit basis by Made in the Valley Ltd, a cooperative consortium. Much of the design and editing will be done by volunteers, although we are offering a nominal fee to professional contributors, illustrators, photographers, writers and researchers.